Thursday, March 31, 2005

Arlington Marshall Killed by Golf Ball

This story is old news, having happened in February. But given that Texas Golf Blog is brand new on the web, it's worth recapping because it carries an important lesson: Let's be careful out there.

A marshall on a golf course in Arlington was waiting about 200 yards down the hole for the group on the tee box to hit their drives. The marshall was taking cover amidst a copse of trees, but one of the drives headed straight for those trees. The ball caromed into the marshall's head, and he died the next day. Making the story even more tragic is that the person who hit the ball was the marshall's son. There are more details here.

As we said, there is an important moral to this story: Be careful on the golf course. Golf clubs and balls can do great damage when they connect with the human body at high speed. To review basic golf course safety, check out these terrific golf course safety tips.


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  2. That's why I always beat down any morons who consistently hit into my foursome. Kinda like in "Sideways."

  3. Anonymous12:43 PM

    back in my younger, more reckless days, i played frequently with a buddy and neither of us had any patience for slow duffers. we'd wait a while, then one of us would say, "let's rain terror down upon them." and we'd rip it right into them. thank goodness we never killed anyone!


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