Sunday, April 24, 2005

Book Review: Texas Golf Bible

The Texas Golf Bible is a hymnal to the game of golf across the Lone Star State, from our finest resorts to the dustiest, backroads 9-holers. It's one of the best browsing books I've run across in a long time, and one that I'd recommend to any Texas golfer who wants to know more about the state or is looking for that next golf adventure.

The Texas Golf Bible is a thick tome chock full of information. That's because it attempts to cover every single golf course in the state. That's close to 1,000 golf courses. The book doesn't quite get every track in Texas listed, but it comes mighty close. Author Jason Stone has visited hundreds of golf courses himself, while his correspondents fill in the blanks on the others.

But the Texas Golf Bible isn't just a recitation of dry facts (contact info, yardages, etc.). It attempts to provide nuggets of info about every single golf course in the state. Things such as the toughest holes on the course, or the most picturesque. Or maybe interesting historical facts about the course. Even what you'll find in the clubhouse, or the best place to eat nearby.

The Texas Golf Bible is - and I mean with as a huge compliment - the perfect bathroom book for any golfer. Pick up a copy, and you'll soon wear the corners dog-eared with addictive browsing.

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