Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Brownsville Company Introduces "Club/Savr"

texas golfA Brownsville-based company called DSR Productions has an unusual golf product out on the market. It's called the Club/Savr, and it monitors the presence of selected golf clubs in your bag.

The Club/Savr is made up of "golf club sensor tubes" and a "master control unit." The sensor tubes go into your golf bag, and the clubs you want to protect go into the tubes. As the company's press release about the Club/Savr states: "When a Club is removed from a Sensor Tube, a User Selectable Time Interval is initiated, and if the club is not returned to the tube before this time expires, an Audible and or Visual alarm will be activated."

So, if you've left your favorite wedge next to the green on the previous hole, the Club/Savr will alert you. The selectable time periods are 6, 10, 14, and 18 minutes. Options include additional standard or jumbo sensor tubes, an external revolving amber light that attaches to the cart for visual indication, and a unit for the hearing impaired.

I'm not sure that the Club/Savr sounds all that useful or utilitarian, but it certainly sounds interesting. The company website is at www.clubsavr.com.

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