Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Hog wild

Feral hogs are becoming a bigger and bigger problem for golf courses around Texas. The 400-pound, tusk-wielding monsters can tear up fairways and greens rooting around for grubs and shoots. They especially like the collars of greens, where the turf is easier to uproot (if you've ever seen a golf course attacked by feral hogs, you've probably marvelled at the circles of tilled ground around the greens). This article mentions the hogs' attacks on golf courses only in passing, but it does put the problem in perspective: there are an estimated 2 million feral hogs in Texas, causing $52 million in agricultural damage every year, and their population is only expected to increase.


  1. Anonymous4:30 PM

    man, you got that right. cedar creek in san anotnio was one of the best munys anywhere until the hogs started tearinup up the collars and parts of the fairways. theyve had trouble with hogs for 3-4 years now

  2. Same with Sinton here in South Texas.

  3. I've played the Sinton course. I remember there being a very angry turkey along the ... 6th fairway, I believe. That turkey had issues. Mean. Chased the golfers who passed by. A guy in my foursome was afraid to retrieve his ball, which hit too close the gobbler.

  4. Lots of wildlife. Deer caught in hog traps, snakes, rabbits, coyotes (not near rabbits!), and the hogs. I've not seen the turkey, but know he's around.


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