Friday, May 06, 2005

The Adams Family

There's a good piece in Golfweek about the Plano-based equipment company, Adams Golf, and its group of "golf guys." An excerpt (full article here):

For Adams Golf, the golf-guy tipoff is the company's impressive array of products. If the company once was known only for game-improvement clubs, or clubs for the average golfer, this label is long gone.

Any skilled player can look at clubs from Adams and say, "These guys know what a player really wants."


In my mind, Adams Golf represents a triumph of the golf guys. It is no mystery why Tom Watson has remained the primary spokesman for this company. Watson is a curious man, and he likes being around people with ideas.

Trust me, these guys at Adams have plenty of ideas. Adams was the first to market upside-down fairway woods and the combination steel and graphite shaft. The company also was a pioneer of the mixed set of conventional and hybrid irons.

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