Thursday, May 05, 2005

Book Review: "PGA Tour Fan Guide"

As a member of the golf media, I receive from the PGA Tour every year the media guides for its respective entities: The PGA Tour itself, the Champions Tour and the Nationwide Tour. These books are invaluable to any golf writer. But that's the only audience to which they've been available: golf media.

Not anymore. Now, a new audience has access to basically the same material: golf enthusiasts. Fans of golf can find the same player profiles, stats, tournament histories, records and much more in the PGA Tour 2005 Official Fan Guide. The book incorporates info from the three tours into one well-organized tome.

That means the book is large and thick. And while it weighs a couple pounds, golf fans won't want to put it down. Inside are profiles - containing both personal and professional info - on every PGA Tour, Champions Tour and Nationwide Tour golfer. Profiles of every tournament on each tour - past winners, last year's results, historical tidbits. A recordbook sections tells you who holds various records, bests and firsts on all three tours.

Like the Texas Golf Bible we wrote about earlier, this book is perfect for browsing (getting the idea I do a lot of browsing in books?). Open it to any page, and you're sure to find something of interest.

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