Friday, May 20, 2005

Golfsmith's New Playgrounds

Dallas and Houston are two of the three cities (Chicago being the third) where Austin-based golf retailer Golfsmith's "superstores" are being tricked out with what the company calls "playgrounds." Playgrounds for golfers, that is: places where golfers can go when it's raining or they don't have time for 18; or where customers can demo equipment before buying.

Here's how a company spokesperson lists the features of the new "playgrounds":

  • The new driving areas are anywhere from 60 to 120 feet deep, with seven bays. Two of the bays have special launch monitors from Hot Stix; five have radar technology for distance.
  • The new playground areas have a demo of every single club that Golfsmith sells. You can swing anything in the store.
  • The hitting areas also have 12 fitting carts from all of the major manufacturers, including Callaway, TaylorMade, Nike, etc.
  • Each of the stores features a new GolfTEC Learning Center that offers customers advanced training with a certified PGA teaching professional, video analysis, 3-D motion analysis, impact analysis and biofeedback technology.
  • The stores also feature new putting greens that measure anywhere from 600 to 800 square feet.

Sounds pretty cool. Even cooler: Use of the "playgrounds" is free. So if you're in Dallas or Houston, check 'em out at Golfsmith superstores.

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  1. I want one here in central Florida!!!!


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