Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Does Texas Golf Blog Need a New Look?

When Hooked on Golf Blog posted a note to let its readers know about Texas Golf, they included this comment: "Lets get them a new blogger template!"

We've since decided HOGB was probably right. The current Blogger template we use isn't the most attractive or easiest to read. So we'd like to ask our readers for feedback: If we change formats, which Blogger template should we switch to?

We don't know enough about blog technology or design to try switching to a Moveable Type or Typepad blog, so we're definitely sticking with Blogger for now. So if you've seen another blog that uses Blogger (blogs that have "blogspot" in their URLs use Blogger templates), and you like the design and think it would work better for Texas Golf, please post a note in comments with the URL, or drop us a line.

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  1. Anonymous10:45 PM

    BM: I have been admiring your writing and blog for quite a while now. Consider this resource for new templates

    I maintain a blog at , but do not have quite the energy to update it daily - cudos to you. Seems we are both in the Houston area.... small world. Keep up the good writing ! - cb


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