Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Mind Over Matter

Sports psychologists have been the rage among tour players for a couple decades now. It's rare to find any tour player these days who does not work with a sports psychologist.

One of the best happens to be based in Texas. At the Westin La Cantera Resort & Spa in San Antonio, to be exact (it's just a coincidence that this is my second post in a row about La Cantera - a note about the academy's good doctor happened to hit my in-box this morning).

That would be Dr. David Cook, who runs his "Mindset Academy" from The Academy at La Cantera. Cook's next "Mindset Seminar," a shorter version of the Mindset Academy, takes place this Saturday, June 25 (and again on July 30, Aug. 27, Oct. 1 and Oct. 22).

Dr. Cook is very well known in the San Antonio area because he used to work with the San Antonio Spurs. He's also worked with the Washington Wizards in the NBA. In 2004, Golf Digest ranked him among the “Top 10 Mental Side Experts” in golf. Dr. Cook works with many PGA Tour players, including Stan Utley, Paul Stankowski, Matt Gogel, Tom Pernice, Pat Bates and Steve Lowery. He's been a featured speaker at two National PGA Teaching and Coaching Summits, he's appeared on The Golf Channel, and he's written articles for Golf Magazine, Golf Illustrated and Golf Tips.

In other words, the guy knows his stuff.

The Mindset Academy is a multi-day experience geared to companies and corporations. The Mindset Seminar is a condensed version intended to be of greater use to individual golfers. Here's how La Cantera touts the Mindset Seminar:

"Mindset Seminar is a comprehensive mental game improvement program that has been experienced by more than five thousand PGA golf professionals across the country and over 100 PGA TOUR players. The seminar has one purpose: to improve your competitive play. Topics include cutting edge training in the areas of mental toughness, confidence, concentration, pressure management, course management, practice management, etc. This 2.5 hour indoor program includes The Psychology of Tournament golf CD and a Mindset Workbook."

Anyone interested in taking advantage of Dr. Cook's mental game expertise can call The Academy at La Cantera at (210) 558-5500 or (888) 603-4653.

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