Monday, June 27, 2005

"People vs. the Pros" at Barton Creek

The 2005 version of the "People vs. the Pros" golf extravaganza - you know, the one where two regular guys earn the right to face off against two touring pros in a nationally televised finale - is being played at Austin's Barton Creek this year. Make it to the finals and beat the pro and you win $100,000; even if you lose to the pro, you still get $50,000.

The pros this year are Justin Leonard and Ben Crenshaw. Before you can play one of those guys, you have to win a 54-hole final qualifier in September. So how do you get into that qualifier?

There are four ways: find a local qualifier and play your way in; buy a guaranteed spot; buy a VIP package; or enter (and win) a sweepstakes.

For most of us, given those choices, that means entering the sweepstakes! You can check out the tournament and send in your sweepstakes entry at the 2005 PVP website.

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  1. Bogey,

    There is a new blog that discusses the conditions of Central Texas courses.

    Thought you might add to your links.


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