Monday, June 13, 2005

Texas' Best Women Golfers

We posted a while back our list of the best Texans on the PGA Tour. While I was watching the phenomenal Annika Sorenstam - and the phenomenal-in-her-own-way Michelle Wie - over the weekend, I started wondering who the best Texans on the LPGA Tour are right now.

So I put together a list. The pickings are pretty slim, alas, for Texans on the LPGA Tour these days. But here's how I rank the top 5 at the time of this writing:

1. Wendy Ward
2. Dorothy Delasin
3. Angela Stanford
4. Jamie Hullett
5. Kelli Kuehne

Ward is solid and sometimes better than that; Delasin and Stanford are above-average; Hullett and Kuehne are journeymen (or is it journeywomen?).

The all-time list of Texans on the LPGA is much more impressive. I rank them like this:

1. Kathy Whitworth
2. Babe Didrikson Zaharias
3. Sandra Haynie
4. Sandra Palmer
5. Betty Jameson

That's just the list of natives. If you include non-natives who have become strongly identified with Texas, then Carol Mann and Judy Rankin come into the picture.

What about Nancy Lopez? I'm not sure how to classify her. She's not a native (born in California) and she's not a resident (lives in Georgia). But she did spend some teen years in Houston, and that's where she was living (and was identified with) at the time of her greatest fame. Maybe we can consider Lopez and honorary Texan.

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