Friday, June 17, 2005

Tough Going for Top Texans at U.S. Open

The top 3 on my list of best Texans currently on Tour (posted a while back - look through the archives) were Chad Campbell, Justin Leonard and Scott Verplank. How are our best hopes for U.S. Open victory doing at the halfway point? Not so good.

Justin Leonard is tied for 57th at 7-over par, although he did much better Saturday than on Friday, improving from a 76 to a 71. Chad Campbell made it to the weekend right on the cutline, at +8 (77-71). And Scott Verplank is heading home for the weekend at 10-over (76-74).

First-round co-leader Brandt Jobe, a native Oklahoman now living in DFW, is tied for 10th after the second round at 1-over. Texan Bob Estes has posted two solid rounds, 70 and 73, and is tied for 20th at 3-over.

I was disappointed to see Trip Kuehne miss the cut at 10-over. I'm not sure why Trip has never tried to go pro. He's probably the best golfer in the Kuehne family these days.

The full scoreboard is here.

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