Sunday, July 24, 2005

Bryan-College Station Golf Glut

OK, so it's not a glut for "regular" golfers, but for those who can afford memberships at (sometimes) swanky private clubs.

In the past year, two new private clubs - Traditions and Miramont - have opened in Bryan-College Station, joining the two existing country clubs, Briarcrest and Pebble Creek. The local newspaper has a lengthy article about the longterm viability of four private clubs in this not-so-wealthy city. It's a good and interesting read - check it out.

Briarcrest and Pebble Creek have been around for a while, and you'd think would have some loyal members. But everyone is attracted to what's new and shiny. And Traditions has the added boost of having a marketing agreement with Texas A&M University, and the cachet that comes from being the "home course" of the Aggies' golf teams.

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