Friday, July 08, 2005

Good for Hackers

Got an email today from Robert Walker with The Hackers Tour, that included an interesting tidbit from the National Golf Foundation: "core golfers," those who play an average of 37 rounds per year, shoot an average score of 95.

So next time you shoot a 95 and feel like throwing clubs, just think: All I have to do is shoot one stroke less - a 94 - and I'll be above average! The NGF says that only one-third of all golfers will ever break 90 in a single round. That actually seems a little high to me, but if the NGF says so ...

And speaking of The Hackers Tour, if you are anywhere in or around the DFW Metroplex and haven't heard of The Hackers Tour, you might want to get to know it. It's a very well-run tour for golfers like you and me; it offers a ton of tournaments, great formats and payouts.

As it says on the tour website, by way of introduction:

A passion for golf has always been the driving force behind the creation of The Hackers Tour. The number one reason for starting The Hackers Tour was to create
the fairest competitive venue for average golfers with the opportunity to play for cash prizes.
Check out The Hackers Tour website for info.

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