Saturday, July 09, 2005

Role Reversal at The Quarry

The famed Quarry Golf Club in San Antonio has a new look this summer, according to an email from the club I just received: All play will begin on No. 10 (the holes that descend and then wind up out of the abandoned quarry that gives the course its name).

What's not clear from the email is whether this is a permanent change affecting all golfers, or is in place only during the summer months or possibly even just for twilight play. So if this change matters to you, you'll definitely want to call the club before heading out.

It could just be a response to the heat of the summer. The heat is even worse down in the quarry, so Quarry management might be thinking that it's better to let golfers play the signature part of the course at the beginning, when they are fresh, rather than after they're already feeling the effects of the heat.

At any rate, playing The Quarry in the summer heat is definitely the best time to do it. Frankly, I've always thought this course was overrated, and especially the quarry holes. It's a very interesting setting, that's for sure, and any golfer is going to love it the first time around. The second time around, however, you might start noticing that there's really nothing that special about the individual holes themselves (I further believe that holes 1-9 are better than the quarry holes).

Plus, The Quarry costs more than $100 to play, at full price, which makes it, in my opinion, not worth the money. However, in the summer heat The Quarry offers specials that - pardon the pun - rock. Regular rates of $35 are not hard to find during the summer, and green fees as low as $25 can sometimes be found for twilight rounds. At those rates, The Quarry is worth every cent.

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