Wednesday, July 06, 2005

State Father-Son Championship Embraces Stableford

In many parts of the world, Stableford is one of the most common scoring systems used. In England, for example, you're as likely to find the club championship being contested at Stableford as at stroke play.

Not so in the U.S. Stableford is a scoring system we usually only hear about when the PGA Tour's International rolls around each year.

The Texas Golf Association, however, is putting Stableford into the mix at this year's State Father-Son Championship in Kerrville. The tournament, July 8-10 at Riverhill Country Club (one of Byron Nelson's favorite courses), will use Stableford in all but its Championship Flight.

In past years, the State Father-Son employed a mix of scoring methods for its three rounds. Teams have previously played four-ball stroke play in the first round, combined score of the two partners in the second round, and then four-ball stroke play again in the final round.

That will still be the format for the championship flight, but all other teams will turn to Stableford.

"Many of the teams that have played in the Father-Son over the years have given us very positive feedback about this event," said Ryan Finn, TGA Tournament Director. "However, there was such a large spread in the scores after the combined total round, they were telling us to consider a way to make it more competitive for more teams. By using the net stableford scoring format for the non-championship flights everyone can be more competitive in their flight."

Kudos to the TGA for listening to its participating teams, and for giving Stableford a shot.

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