Monday, July 25, 2005

Two-Sport Star

The highest-placing Texan at the Senior British Open was not, as most would have guessed beforehand, Tom Kite. It was Frank Conner.


That's the great thing about the Champions Tour - players without much fanfare can pop up on the radar screen with very interesting stories. Remember Robert Landers, the golfing farmer?

Frank Conner has had his Tour card in years past on the Champions Tour, but never for long. He's had provisional status in other years. This year, he failed to make it through the Champions Tour Q-School, but he headed over to Scotland and qualified for the Senior British.

Although he's not a native Texan, Conner has lived in San Antonio since his days as a tennis star at Trinity University. That's right, Conner's best game in his youth was tennis. He won many big tennis tournaments in college and is a member of the Trinity Sports Hall of Fame.

Here's Conner's biggest claim to fame: He's one of only three people in history to play in both the tennis and golf U.S. Opens. Ellsworth Vines, a tennis hall-of-famer who won five times on the PGA Tour, is the second. And I always forget who the third is. But Conner is one of them.

So while he hasn't had the best of Champions Tour careers, he's certainly had some remarkable achievements. It's great to see Frank Conner back in action.


  1. I enjoy reading things like this... thanks!
    Wasn't Robert Landers sponsered by Dickies when he was playing?

  2. Anonymous2:23 PM

    If he wasn't, he should have been :-)


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