Friday, July 29, 2005

Wedgewood Falls

If you're in the Houston area, you've surely heard of (and might have played) Wedgewood Golf Club in Conroe. The course recently got new owners, and those owners plan to make the golf course the centerpiece of a $120 million new development. From the Conroe Courier:

Jim and Tim Logeman didn't start out with the idea of transforming Wedgewood Golf Club into the synergistic centerpiece of their $120 million development on Conroe's west side. Eighteen months ago, the father-and-son homebuilders were simply searching for a site on which to relocate their company headquarters.

Over time, however, their modest plans evolved into a multi-faceted development. Like a row of neatly aligned dominos, each piece of their burgeoning project fell into place; culminating with their $1.6 million purchase of the daily fee course on July 18. Acquisition of the golf course proved to be the linchpin, allowing the Logemans to move forward on their ambitious project.

Their newly named Wedgewood Falls development will feature a trio of office buildings along west Texas 105, a $40 million, 400-unit complex of apartments, condominiums and town homes, and three tracts of single-family homes totaling 90
acres and approximately 300 homes.

Hmm, sounds like Wedgewood might have to change its marketing copy, at least the part about it being "situated in a natural setting amongst towering pines, majestic oaks and beautiful dogwoods."

Or maybe not. Hopefully the Logemans appreciate that it's that natural setting, that sense of seclusion, that makes Wedgewood (and so many East Texas courses) fun to play.

The developers do plan some changes to the course, however:

... the Logemans plan to reposition the clubhouse, driving range and the par-four first hole. The clubhouse and the first hole will be moved to the north, away from Texas 105. The new clubhouse will be constructed where the current driving range is located.

The tee box on the first hole will remain opposite of the clubhouse, while a new driving range will be built just to the east of the opening hole. Clearing of eight acres for the new range has begun, Logeman said. A mixture of apartments, condos and town homes will be built on the original driving range.

To make room for those alterations, the first hole will be re-routed, while some reworking of the par-four second will be necessary.

"We're not planning on changing up the yardage on those two holes," Jim Logeman said. "We're going to move the green (on No. 1) back onto a 20 acre area we own."

With the addition of some ponds, Logeman said he hopes to make the par-four first into the course's signature hole. But for all the changes on the course, the amenities that will be available in the new clubhouse should transform Wedgewood Golf Club into an "affordable Bentwater," according to the developer.

The full story in the Conroe Courier can be read here. You can also check out the Wedgewood Golf Club website.

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