Friday, August 05, 2005

Businessmen (and Women) Love Golf

A recent article in the Houston Chronicle focused on how that city's business executives view golf. How do they view our game? Very well, thank you very much.

According to the survey, conducted by a company called Golf Solution:

Golf remains a "favorite tool" of executives, a release on the survey states, for making business deals and increasing personal time with decision-makers. Only 3 percent of respondents did not think golf was a good way to get close to the boss, and 92 percent considered the game a great way to generate new business.

It's not just men who understand golf's value in the corporate world, either.

"Many ... women are learning that in order to secure that 'client' or to gain exposure to upper-level management, they need to incorporate golf as part of their professional development," said Billy Thompson, president of Golf Solution, which conducted the survey.

That's why women long ago founded the Executive Women's Golf Association, which now has chapters in most major American cities. I remember talking to a past national president of the EWGA, who told me that "men have been doing this for decades - using golf to build alliances and to close deals. Women needed to get in on that, too, but first many women needed a safe place to learn the game."

More than half the people who responded said that people play golf similarly to the way they conduct business. Three-quarters of respondents believed that demeanor on the golf course is indicative of a person's motivation, and two-thirds said a person who cheats at golf also is likely to cheat in business.

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  1. If you cheat at golf you will cheat at anything...I totally agree with that.


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