Saturday, August 13, 2005

Desert Overtakes Lajitas

A few years back, investors purchased the far West Texas town of Lajitas and turned it into an oasis in the desert. What was essentially a ghost town on the banks of the Rio Grande sprang back to life as a resort getaway for the well-to-do.

Part of the package was a very nice golf course (which includes Hole 11A, a tee shot over the Rio Grande to a small green in Mexico; alas, golfers are unable to cross the river to complete the hole, so it's really just a lost ball). There were originally two golf courses planned, the first a lush, green parkland-style course in the middle of the desert; the second, a desert-style course.

Looks like the desert-style course won't be built, but Lajitas will have a desert golf course anyway. The original parkland course is being converted to a desert-style. Six holes of turf are being removed to make room for desert features. Around 65,000 desert-friendly shrubs and 600 trees are being planted to replace acres and acres of turf and palm trees.

No word on why this decision was made, but here's a guess: they discovered that building a water-guzzling parkland golf course in the middle of a desert was a very expensive, very silly thing to do.

But, then, getaway spots for the wealthy tend to do those things.

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