Sunday, August 28, 2005

Galveston Muni Mash

It's not uncommon these days, at least in Texas, to see cities struggling to figure out what to do with low-performing municipal golf courses. They might not have the money to keep their munis in good shape, or there might have been an explosion of upscale daily fee courses drawing players away from the city courses. Or the city might simply be losing a lot of money.

Galveston is going through this right now. A man named Tilman Fertitta, who owns the Landry's restaurant in town and has other tourism-related businesses, is offering to manage the Galveston municipal golf course. Landry's would lease the business from the city; Fertitta would upgrade the course (and raise green fees) and cover all losses or keep all profits.

Muni golfers are often torn about these situations. On the one hand, they want a better golf course. On the other, they most certainly do not want higher fees.

Dolph Tillotson, the publisher of the Galveston Daily News, has an interesting editorial about what's happening in his city. He comes out in favor of giving control over Fertitta and Landry's. It's a persuasive argument in this case. Go check it out.

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