Friday, September 09, 2005

About those Golf Range Rankings ...

Thanks to Connie Black for pointing out a problem with the list of Texas members on Golf Range Magazine's Top 50 instructors rankings (see post below). Namely, that one of the facilities mentioned is a goner, and the instructor honored is gone, too.

Connie writes: "Sadly the Training Station (between Sugar Land and Richmond) is no more. It is going to seed, a church has purchased the property and is using the old clubhouse office as their church. I would be interested to know where Jim Murphy lands, he is truly a great golf instructor and a heck of a nice guy."

There's also an interesting omission from this year's Golf Range Top 50 list: nobody from New Braunfels' Sundance is included. Sundance Driving Range and Golf Course has been included in just about every Golf Range ranking (instructors, top facilities, top short courses, you name it) since it opened about 13 years ago. Unfortunately, Sundance is on the block, and at least one of its great instructors, Lonny Alexander, has departed for a private club in Austin.

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