Saturday, September 24, 2005

Amazing! Duval Makes a Cut

Congratulation to David Duval, who made his first cut of 2005 at the Texas Open on Friday. Duval is at 3-under after two rounds, which puts him around the middle of the pack entering Saturday's third round.

Richard Oliver has an excellent column about Duval in this morning's San Antonio Express-News. Sounds like David is getting his confidence back, and with his confidence, his game. Get this: Duval is aiming to make next year's Ryder Cup team.

When Duval's wedge from 129 yards away settled 34 feet from the flag, resulting in a key two-putt par, it represented more than a lost highlight at the Valero Texas Open. For the first time in nearly a year, a span covering 18 events, the former British Open champion had made the cut at a PGA Tour event.

It was a glimpse of the past.

And hope for the future.

"Frankly," Duval said afterward, "I'm playing well enough to win golf tournaments."
They're fighting words, and a welcome arrival for those who wondered if the Florida native still had any in his bag.


"Confidence," he said, "is such a fragile and precious thing."


"I've been fortunate enough to taste the highest of highs, and — though this may sound strange — fortunate enough to taste it as low as it can be," he said. Of his standing in the game, he added with a smile, "I've tasted being No.1, and I've tasted No.1,000, and there's something to be said for that."

And it is this. Because of that experience, "I know how well I am playing now," said Duval, who admits he's aiming for a Ryder Cup berth next year.

Read the rest of Richard's column here ( registration required). Richard also writes the Oliver's Twist blog that is linked in our blogroll to the right.

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