Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Arlington Golfer on "The Big Break IV"

Randall Hunt is a 26-year-old youth consellor and mini-tour pro living in Arlington. He's also one of the 12 contestants on "The Big Break IV," which begins airing on The Golf Channel tonight.

OK, so Hunt isn't actually from Texas. He's from the hard streets of Compton, Calif. Wonder if he knows Ice Cube? Let's hope he never knew Easy E.

But I think we can claim Hunt as a Texan and get behind him on "The Big Break." He sounds like a great guy:

Randall's parents also protected him from his environment, sacrificing so he could attend private school. That opportunity eventually led to his proudest accomplishment – earning a full golf scholarship to Pepperdine University. In 1997, he received the Jackie Robinson Scholarship for academic excellence and would later be honored by the same organization with the Youth Motivation Award for his work in the inner city.


He also works as a youth counselor at Hope Farm, a non-profit organization that helps inner-city kids in the Forth Worth, Texas, area, and where Granny – Ben Hogan's cook for more than 25 years – whips up some of her favorite recipes for the kids. Referring to his life experiences, Randall hopes that winning "The Big Break IV" will provide him with a chance to give back and realize a dream of playing on the world's grandest stage.

Then there's this:

Over time, the injury to his arm worsened to the point where doctors said he would never play golf again. After soul searching and visiting dozens of doctors, Randall decided to undergo a complex surgical procedure that had a 30 percent risk of leaving him a quadriplegic. The surgery was a success and Randall was able to continue the pursuit of his dream of playing professional golf.

Hmm, not sure how smart that sounds. But thank goodness it worked. If someone told me I could either give up golf or risk a 30-percent chance of becoming a quadriplegic, my clubs would be on eBay within seconds.

(Excerpts taken from the contestant bios on About.com.)

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