Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Nice Try

I subscribe to many (way too many) golf course email alerts. The kind in which you are likely to receive advance news of discounts and specials. One arrived in my in-box this morning from a course that is offering a free ticket to the Texas Open with a regular green fee purchase.

Nice try, guys. This "special" will get you exactly zero new business. A couple years ago, one of the Texas Open's secondary sponsors, Diamond Shamrock, had free tickets available in every one of its gas stations in the San Antonio area. All you had to do was ask for one.

So one day, when picking up my morning coffee (screw Starbucks), I asked for one. Now, this was a promotion that had been advertised extensively on TV and radio, and most Diamond Shamrocks even had in-store banners or placards up. But when I asked for my free Texas Open pass, the clerk didn't know what I was talking about. She had to ask the manager on duty. The manager wasn't sure where the tickets actually were, and a short search ensued.

When they finally found the stack of passes, it was a large stack. All of which was caused by the fact that nobody was asking for tickets.

Texas Open tickets ... you can't give 'em away.

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