Tuesday, September 13, 2005

People vs. the Pros at Barton Creek

This year's "People vs. the Pros" - the event that pits two amateurs against two tour pros in individual match play for lots of money - will be televised on ESPN next Monday night. But if you want to know the results now, you can.

It was played at Austin's Barton Creek Resort this year, and the two pros involved were Jeff Leonard and, in the over-50 division, Ben Crenshaw. Close to 200 competitors went through a multiple-round qualifying tournament, after which Jeff Jumonville of Austin emerged as Leonard's challenger, while Atlantan Jay Whiteside emerged to take on Crenshaw.

The championship matches were played on Monday of this week (yesterday, as I write this). At stake was $100,000 for the winner and $50,000 for the loser. And, of course, both challengers were using their handicaps.

We're not going to post the winners and the scores here, because some of you might want to watch the show on ESPN. However, if you'd like to know now who won, here's how: Read the article about the finals in the Austin American-Statesman. The Statesman website requires registration to get to any of its stories, but registration is free and quick.

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