Friday, September 23, 2005

Texas Open Likely Safe from Rita

It looks like the Texas Open in San Antonio will be safe from Hurricane Rita after all. Earlier in the week, when it appeared as though Rita might strike the Texas coast farther south, it seemed a worst-case scenario for the Texas Open.

Imagine: The golfers and fans would spend Thursday and Friday slogging up and down hills in 100-degree heat, only to have a hurricane come along and wipe out the final two days of play. All for naught.

Now, it seems all that worrying was for naught. San Antonio might not get even a few rainshowers. Rita looks headed for the northeastern tip of the Texas coastline, or maybe western Louisiana. And so we hope for the best for our neighbors in Port Arthur and Beaumont, and Lake Charles and Alexandria.

Meanwhile, based on the few glimpses of the tournament I caught on ESPN and in news photos yesterday, it appears that San Antonio's golf fans are under a mandatory evacuation order for La Cantera Golf Club. Those bleachers that I saw were completely empty. If you heard the sparse applause after a good shot yesterday, then you understand what a "smattering" is.

I'm sure the attendance will pick up quite a bit over the weekend. But I'm also sure that the PGA Tour (and its players and fans) will be very happy to leave La Cantera when the TPC San Antonio courses open in a couple years.

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