Friday, September 30, 2005

We Are the Champions

It was a fantastic showing for Texas at the USGA State Team Championships, played Sept. 27-29 in Bluffton, S.C.: our men's team won, while our women's team tied for third.

The State Team Championships have been played six years, and Texas has won the men's championship twice. This year, Terrence Miskell of New Braunfels, Alan Hill of Spring Branch, and Steve Galko of Dallas combined to post a score of 10-under 422 over three rounds. (Each round, the two lowest of the three team members' scores are combined for a team score.)

Galko, Miskell and Hill are the three most-recent Texas Golf Association Players of the Year. For the story and scores, see here.

The Texas women's team was comprised of Mina Hardin of Fort Worth, Carolyn Creekmore of Dallas, and Toni Wiesner of Fort Worth. The team's total was 450; Georgia won with a score of 434. For the story and scores, see here.

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  1. Sounds like there are a lot of good golfers from the state of Texas. It also sounds like there will be more to come!


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