Thursday, October 06, 2005

Bring Wie to Texas, Part MMIX

OK, this isn't really my MMIXth post urging Texas' PGA tournaments to do all they can to get Michelle Wie into their fields. It just feels that way.

But, darn it, I'll stop yammering about it as soon as one (or more) of our tourneys take my advice! What are they waiting for, a Power Point presentation?

Michelle Wie, as all golfers who live on this planet now know, turned pro on Wednesday. She's the biggest name in women's golf right now in terms of drawing power. Easily. Bigger than Sorenstam. Perhaps even bigger than that fellow on the PGA Tour, Tiger Woods.

I've been agitating for two years for the folks who run the Texas Open, which desperately needs an injection of excitement, to do all they can to get Wie into the field. It's hard for me to fathom why they haven't made such an effort.

According to rumor, the Texas Open and some other PGA Tour events are afraid they'd suffer a backlash from PGA Tour members if they invited Wie. They point to the Colonial as evidence (which is ironic, since I also believe the Colonial should go all out to get Wie) that inviting a chick will cause some players to avoid the tournament. If that's true, I've got one word for such guys (and such tournament officials): weenies.

But I don't think it's true. Sure, Vijay Singh stopped playing Colonial when Annika was invited, but that was his fault, not hers. If he hadn't made such idiotic and sexist statements about that event, Vijay wouldn't have been bashed in the media as he was. He brought that on himself. But regardless, the Colonial field had been slowly dwindling for years. And regardless, some of the golf's biggest stars do still occasionally show up (Phil Mickelson played last year, for example).

And the Texas Open? It's already a tournament full of back-of-the-money-list grinders trying to cling to their Tour cards. Do the Texas Open officials really believe that any of these guys would pull out in protest? And if they did, who cares? I'll gladly suffer the absence of a few Patrick Sheehans and Daniel Chopras in favor of Michelle Wie.

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