Friday, October 07, 2005

Want to Write About Golf?

Now's your chance. At least, that is, if you live and golf in San Antonio or Austin.

A website called launched about a year and a half ago. What is doing is providing local editions and wrapping national golf headlines around those local editions, all in one easy to read (but not very pretty, I'll admit) package. Good ol' Bogey here is the new editor for the San Antonio and Austin editions, located at and, respectively.

The idea is to provide local golf headlines - news about upcoming events and who won the just-completed events, info on local golfers and golf pros, local courses and their conditions or specials ... you get the picture.

What I'm looking for are a couple golfers in each city who are interested in writing about golf in your town. You don't have to have any writing experience, although you certainly do need to be able to construct a sentence and spell correctly. Mostly, you just need to be passionate about golf and have a very good knowledge of your local golf scene.

So if you are interested in occasionally writing an article about the San Antonio golf scene or Austin golf scene, drop me a line at bogeymcduff - at -


  1. Anonymous10:57 PM

    Bogey, I thought you didn't have the time any more? Good to see you back, but for what it's worth, I never received any info back after I offered to do the Austin version.

  2. Strange that you didn't hear back. Not sure why that was. As for not having the time anymore: I've managed to clear out enough space in my schedule to shephard those two sites. At least enough to do a better job than was being done during my absence! But if you're still interested in doing stuff for Austin, drop me a line (bogeymcduff - at - yahoo) -- I'd be interested in having a "correspondent" or two to occasionally add something.

  3. Anonymous8:19 PM

    Bogey - I'll help you out with Austin and San Antonio (heck, just call it CENTRAL TEXAS). Anyway, I dropped you an e-mail yesterday, so you should see that soon. Later - T

  4. Hmmm, I haven't seen your email. Of course, I'm not above having accidentally deleted it! Better re-send, por favor ...


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