Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Texas Company Touting New Putter Shafts

You don't hear much about shafts in putters. The putting swing is only about 3-4 mph in speed - how much difference is a shaft going to make?

Fort Worth-based shaftmaker UST says its new Frequency Filtered putter shafts will make a difference in a golfer's ability to perceive where on the clubface he or she is striking the ball. The shaft, in other words, is intended to produce better feel and feedback.

The Frequency Filtered shaft is graphite at the grip end with a steel tip at the head end, and a middle section that is "specifically designed to allow certain vibration frequencies to pass through to the player's hands and block out other frequency ranges from proceeding up the shaft length."

I'm skeptical that any putter shaft will made a noticeable difference for fewer than 5-percent of golfers. But given UST's track record, I'm eager to give this one a try. You can read the press release about the Frequency Filtered putter shafts here.


  1. I just can't imagine a frequency that will help my putting. When you try this please be sure to post how it turned out for you.

  2. Putters are to golf what bowling balls are to bowling. It's color, feel, eye appeal, but in the end, it is just a flat stick used to start the ball in motion on a line that will lead it into the hole!
    That's my word


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