Thursday, December 08, 2005

Another Graduating Class: PGA PGM

A handful of Texans are among the 89 graduates of the most recent PGA Professional Golf Management program. I'm sometimes asked by an emailer how they can become a PGA professional. Here's the short answer on the best route:

1. Become very good at golf.
2. Find a college or university that offers the PGA PGM program, and go there.

Here are those Texas graduates:

Gordon Bass, McKinney
Stuart L. James, Houston
Jeff P. Langas, Arlington
Alan W. Rasberry, Mansfield
Willie J. Shankle, Houston
James E. Stevens IV, San Antonio

If you're curious, there are currently 14 schools that offer the 4-5 year PGA PGM program. You can see the list, and learn more about the program, here.

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