Friday, December 23, 2005

He's Nationwide

Our friend David Fineg, owner of Ten Cups Driving Range in San Antonio, made it into Golf Digest's "Birdies and Bogeys" yearend roundup. Under the headline, "This guy's so tough he even gave Tiger the evil eye before letting him in," Golf Digest writes: "A driving-range operator in San Antonio bans drivers, saying amateurs can't hit them well enough."

Actually, only men aged 16-60 aren't allowed to hit driver at Ten Cups. Women, juniors and seniors can use driver anytime they like. Men in the suspect age range can also hit driver - if they pass the "drivers license" exam. And as many as fairways as Tiger misses these days, he might not pass the test.

See previous post here for further explanation of the Ten Cups drivers license exam.

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