Thursday, December 08, 2005

Lietzke, Garcia Join TPC San Antonio Team

The PGA Tour announced yesterday that Bruce Lietzke and Sergio Garcia will serve as player consultants to Pete Dye and Greg Norman, respectively, during the design and construction of the TPC San Antonio project. You can read the press release at San Antonio Golf.

Quick aside: The resort's name will be Cibolo Canyons. The Dye-designed TPC Course will almost certainly be named ... the TPC Course. The name of Norman's course is up for grabs.

Back to scheduled post: It must be strange to be Pete Dye - designer of hundreds of golf courses, some of them considered among the best in the world, as well as having been a great amateur golfer back in the day - and have Bruce Lietzke assigned to assist you in your next design. I'm sure that Lietzke - arguably the best golfer of all-time without a major championship victory - will offer insightful, valuable ideas. But I doubt that any of them will be ideas Dye wouldn't come up with on his own. Perhaps Lietzke's true role will be to keep Dye from designing one of his famously difficult tracks (kudos to me for avoiding use of the adjective "Dye-abolical" ... doh! I just used it!), this course being, after all, the future home of a PGA Tour event.

But this is what the Tour does with every golf course it owns. It hires a great designer, or farms the project out to the PGA Tour Design Group, then names a player consultant. The PGA Tour exists for PGA Tour golfers, after all, and one of them will be involved, by gosh.

Garcia has worked with Norman on a course design in the past, but telling Greg Norman that Sergio Garcia will be his consultant is sort of like telling John Feinstein that Bogey McDuff will be consulting on his next golf book. (But if you need some help, John, just drop me a line.)

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