Monday, December 12, 2005

New Book About Texas Golf

"Links, Lore and Legends: The Story of Texas Golf" is the latest book by Texas golf writer Art Stricklin. The book gets a very good review on Cybergolf from Dr. John Wagner, a member of the USGA Green Section and director of the Washington State Golf Association.
Wagner says:
This is a terrific book about the history of Texas golf. It is accessibly formatted, with chapters broken into 10-year increments that illustrate how much the Lone Star State has contributed to the game.

Art Stricklin takes the very beginnings of golf in Texas and makes the people and players come alive. His short stories of the people and their backgrounds help make “Links, Lore and Legends” lively reading.
Art even managed to get Byron Nelson and Lee Trevino to write forewords. I haven't picked up a copy yet, but I probably will now. Or maybe I'll just try to weasel a free review copy ...

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