Thursday, December 29, 2005

Tournaments at Lajitas

There aren't many Texas golfers who get to play The Ambush at Lajitas. And that has more to do with cost than with the remoteness of the property along the Rio Grande. The Lajitas resort is one of the swankiest in the state, and most of us can't afford the few-hundred-dollars-a-night room rates, much less the three-figure green fees.

But there is a way to get in on some golf at The Ambush without having to stay at the resort. The Ambush has announced a series of 10 tournaments, open to resort guests and non-guests alike. The entry fees for non-guests are pricey, but it's still a cheaper option for golf than paying for both a room and a round.

The first tournament, Jefe's Fiesta, takes place Jan. 14-15 and is a two-person blind-draw scramble. Guest fee is $245. Hey, we said it was still pricey.

The Ambush, as we've mentioned before, is being renovated from a green, parkland course into a true desert golf course. Around 50,000 native desert plants are being added, among other changes.

The full schedule of 10 tournaments at The Ambush in 2006 can be found by browsing the resort's events schedule at

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