Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Book Reviews

Not by me, of course. The only reading I do is of the sports pages hanging above the urinal. (I exaggerate. I sometimes read the rule book.)

A couple Texas golf books get reviewed by Glen Dromgoole (and don't you just know that the other kids called him "Grom-drool" ... hey, when you've got a name like "Bogey McDuff," it's OK to point out other funny names) in this article in the Bryan-College Station Eagle.

Glen reviews Art Stricklin's "Links, Lore, & Legends: The Story of Texas Golf," plus one I hadn't heard of previously: "Fair Ways: How Six Black Golfers Won Civil Rights in Beaumont, Texas." I'm a bit of a Civil Rights buff (I just play an idiot on the Internet), so this one sounds interesting. It's the one pictured at right.

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