Sunday, January 29, 2006

Bud Zenswing and the Monkey Man 1000

Our friend David Fineg, owner of Ten Cups Golf Center in San Antonio, is no longer satisfied with writing pithy articles or being the only driving range operator in America who quotes Lao-Tzu. Now he's shooting video clips.

My favorite so far is David, a k a Bud Zenswing, in an infomercial spoof for the greatest driver known to man, the Monkey Man 1000, built from the amazing metal "gonadium." David, er, I mean Bud, even demonstrates a pre-swing stretching ritual required before you tackle the Monkmonater 1K - it's pretty darn funny, and my wife, Birdie McDuff, is already tired of watching me re-enact that warmup stretch.

So check out the video (warning: it's an 11MB file, so be patient while it loads):

Monkey Man 1000

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  1. Anonymous12:58 PM

    Well now I am curious, if you by the Monkmonater 1K.. does it come with a "drivers license".. I would like to ask Bud... but this guy just freaks me out.. I used to practice at his range.. but wow, this one takes the cake..


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