Monday, January 23, 2006

Damn You, Global Warming!

I posted a couple days ago about the positive effects on the golf industry of the mild winter we've had so far in Texas. Mild winters equals more people playing golf, for more of the winter.

Just the opposite for me. The milder the winter, the less golf I play. And this winter stinks! A cold, drizzly day is one of my favorite days for golf. Because it means that the courses will be mostly deserted, and I can show up alone, play by myself, and finish quickly.

Don't get me wrong: I'm not antisocial. I'd prefer to be playing with my buddies. But because I work an odd schedule, my buddies and I often have a hard time hooking up for golf. Weekends? Slow, crowded golf courses are one of my biggest bugaboos.

But on weekdays, I can almost always sneak in a round, if the weather is right. And by right, I mean: cold and, preferably, drizzly. Speed is my need. On such a winter day, I can pull out of my garage, drive to the course, play 18 holes, drive back home, and pull back into the garage in just two hours - 2 and half hours, tops.

But on mild winter days, there are still enough people on the course that such an outing would take more like the normal four hours, or more. Four hours is time I can't usually get away with sacrificing to golf; 2 to 2.5 hours, well, I can sneak that in without anyone being the wiser.

It's Jan. 23. I just hope, for the sake of my golf game, that we still get some bad weather before spring arrives.

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