Thursday, January 05, 2006

Development Starts on Mustang Island Resort

Some months back I posted about a major golf resort on Mustang Island near Port Aransas, and its sketchy history. Was it going to get built or not? At the time, answers were hard to find.

But now it looks like the answer is "yes," it is going to get built. The Newport Golf Club will be part of an 1,800-acre resort development on Mustang Island, and work is under way, according to this article on Cybergolf.

The project’s backers recently hired KemperSports to oversee development and operations of the new Newport Golf Club. The resort’s first 18-hole layout, an Arnold Palmer Signature Golf Course, is part of the first phase of construction within the budding coastal community called Newport Beach and Golf.

Upon completion, the resort community, the brainchild of partners Craig Millard and Charles Castor of Texas Gulf & Harbor Ltd., will bring residential villages, multiple hotels, a marina, tennis and beach clubs, two golf courses and additional amenities to Mustang Island, located on the south end of Port Aransas.

As we reported several months ago, the Palmer course is expected to sit entirely on the beach side of Highway 361, routed amidst the dunes. The second course, rumored to be designed by Jack Nicklaus, would sit on the other side of the highway.

All I've got to say is they better make these courses easy, because the wind is going to play havoc with golfers. I recall playing in many 3- and even 4-club winds growing up in Corpus Christi - I once hit driver on a par-3, and I hit driver a long way back then - and any golf courses on Mustang Island are going to be killers based on wind alone.

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