Thursday, January 19, 2006

Golf Company Moving to Texas

Just a short while after I posted my list of Texas-based golf equipment companies, now a new company is coming into the picture.

An outfit called Norwood Promotional Products makes, among other things, golf bags - including one called the "Air-Tex." The company is currently based in Iowa, but is closing its Iowa plant in April and relocating to San Antonio.

It's only appropriate that the "Air-Tex" be made in Texas.


  1. That would make since wouldn't it.

  2. Carlton Wade11:19 AM

    Norwood was founded in Austin by Frank Krasovec. It's a Texas-born comany

  3. By the way...great site, Bogey. Check the Feb issue of Texas Golfer. I gave your blog some ink. Other news, I'm leaving that piece-of-____ mag. -cw

  4. Carlton, am I understanding your comment right -- you're leaving Texas Golfer? You were only there a couple months. What happened, if you can say anything? (or off the record, bogeymcduff - at -


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