Thursday, January 26, 2006

Problems on Pleasure Island

Sounds like the Palms golf course on Port Arthur's Pleasure Island is having hard times: low attendance, storm damage. And from the sound of this Beaumont Enterprise article, the Palms might be in danger of a long deterioration:

PORT ARTHUR - Issues with an aging marina, an underused music park and golf course, hurricane damage and dwindling cash reserves came to a head Tuesday when Pleasure Island commissioners met with City Council members.

The larger issue is that the commission's cash reserve slowly is being eaten away by losses at the Palms golf course and other issues, like unexpected cost of vandalism at the public parks, on the 21-mile manmade island, said John Chirafis Jr., commission chairman.


Wind and rain wrought most of the damage to the golf course, Mariner's Cove subdivision, marina and other buildings on the northern half of the island.

... Downed trees and demolished buildings plagued the Palms on Pleasure Island golf course.

Even before Rita slammed the coastal areas Sept. 24, the commission was having problems.So far, the golf course has absorbed about $300,000 of the commission's $500,000 reserve since it opened about three years ago, Dike said.

Last year, the golf course had about 20,000 rounds of play and they are hoping for at least that much during the upcoming year, Dike said.

The staff has been cut in half and other cost-cutting measures have been implemented. Dike is in negotiations with two firms to possibly manage the course.

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  1. That doesn't sound good for the Palms. There is a course in this area that has been struggling for over 8 year and it is still going. The place has been sold several times and the lots are just starting to sell with the big boom in the area. So there might be hope.


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