Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Texas-Based Golf Companies

Who are the golf club manufacturers and other major golf equipment and retailing companies that are based in Texas? Glad you asked. We offer the following list (and if you know of a Texas-based company we're not listing, please drop us a line at bogeymcduff - at - yahoo.com):

Adams Golf
Adams, of course, is one of the top manufacturers in the market today, with a full lineup of clubs, minus putters. The company first gained fame with its Tight Lies brand.

Ray Cook Golf
Dripping Springs
Ray Cook Golf has been around since 1963, when it began with a forged aluminum mallet built in Mr. Cook's San Antonio shop . And at various times in the company's history - particularly in the 1970s and 1980s - its putters have been very trendy with touring pros, and highly successful for them. The Blue Goose and Billy Baroo are perhaps its best-known models. While the company isn't as prominent on tour these days, equipment aficionados still love their Ray Cook putters. The company also makes wedges.

Eidolon Golf Equipment
Port Arthur
When Eidolon wedges first appeared on the scene, shortly after the turn of the millenium, some people remarked that they reminded them of some Ray Cook wedges. That's probably because the founder of Eidolon started the company after leaving Ray Cook. Eidolon is just a couple years old, but its V-Sole Wedges have garnered critical praise.

Dogleg Right
The name Dogleg Right might not be that familiar, but the name of its best-known products are: Hog. This company makes Hog putters, Hog drivers and Hog wedges, along with some other miscellaneous training aids and merchandise. The Hog brand included some of the earliest jumbo mallets and jumbo drivers to be seen.

Golfsmith started as a retail shop in Austin, and is now one of the top golf and tennis retailers in the U.S. But Golfsmith also produces its own equipment, some of it components under the Golfsmith brand, and other products under the brand names of formerly independent manufacturers purchased by Golfsmith. Recognizable, and in some cases formerly prominent, brands such as Snake Eyes, Zevo and Lynx are now owned by Golfsmith.

SmartSwing Intelligent Clubs
This company makes training clubs that talk back to the golfer. Special software is embedded in the grip end of the clubs and records and analyzes every swing. The info can be downloaded into a personal computer for analysis and tracking. The clubs can also be set to provide real-time audio feedback.

Traxx Golf
Traxx putters are built around what the company calls the "VertiScope Alignment System," and its putters have been used on tour by professionals. This company used to be based in Corpus Christi, but was purchased in 2003 by a new company formed by the person behind Whippy Tempomaster. Which brings us to ...

Whippy TempoMaster
This well-known training aid is a driver on a very flexible shaft. The whippy shaft action forces the golfer to build a better tempo. Whippy tempo clubs are available from the driver down to the Whippy Putter.

Callaway Golf Pre-Owned
This retailer of used and refurbished Callaway clubs started independently of Callaway, but now has a working relationship with the manufacturing giant. Callaway Pre-Owned has grown into one of the most recognizable names in online golf retailing.

Solo Golf
Solo Golf manufactures a full line of clubs, from drivers and fairway woods, to irons and wedges, to putters. Solo is a division of an aerospace industry company that formerly built components for the likes of Cobra, Titleist and Callaway.

Spin Doctor Golf
If you've ever spent much time watching The Golf Channel, you've probably seen the infomercial for Spin Doctor wedges. This is the company that makes them.

Tacki-Mac Grips
Tacki-Mac Grips are designed to never lose their tacky feel. In addition to golf grips, Tacki-Mac also makes products for hockey, baseball, racquetball, bicycling and motorsports.

United Sports Technologies (UST)
Fort Worth
UST is one of the top shaft makers in golf, with such well-known brands as Proforce V2, iROD and Frequency Filtered.

Honorable Mention

Nike Golf
Nike Golf is, of course, based in Oregon. But almost all the company's golf products are manufactured at its plant in Fort Worth.

Diamond Touch Golf
Diamond Touch Golf's world headquarters are in Gibralter. But the company was founded by a Houston resident, and its U.S. base is still in Houston. Diamond Touch clubs feature a diamond insert in the face - actual crushed diamonds are used to create an ultra-hard surface. And a very big sticker price.

NOTE: Sadly, Ben Hogan Golf no longer has a presence in Texas. Now located in California, Hogan Golf is a division of Top-Flite, which itself is a wholly owned subsidiary of Callaway.

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