Saturday, January 14, 2006

Texas Open, PGA Tour Schedule Update

An article in the San Antonio Express-News today clears up any confusion about the status of the Texas Open, which was not included in the FedEx Cup schedule the PGA Tour released for 2007. As we pointed out, that only means that the Texas Open - for now - will remain part of the fall schedule, with a possible date change in the offing when San Antonio's TPC course opens in a couple years.

The Express-News article nails everything down: The Texas Open will remain in its fall position in 2007 and 2008; in 2009, when the TPC course is ready for play, the tournament has been "guaranteed" it will move to a better date in the spring. Meantime, for the next two years, the tournament is leaving the heat of September for the cooler temperatures of October or November, although that exact date isn't yet nailed down.

You can read the Express-News article here - lots of good info in it.

Here are reports from the state's newspapers on our other PGA Tour tournaments:

'07 Nelson gets earlier date (Dallas Morning News)
Local PGA events will be split by a month (Fort Worth Star-Telegram)
SHO takes 2007 date as a positive (Houston Chronicle)

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  1. Some of their changes make since and some of them leave big questions out there.


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