Monday, March 20, 2006

Farewell, Ten Cups

Ten Cups is dead, long live Ten Cups.

Our pal David Fineg - a k a Bud Zenswing - has shut down his San Antonio driving range. The twin evils of pavement and insurance are to blame. The lot next to Ten Cups is being cleared. No word on what's to come, but you can bet a lot of pavement will be part of the deal. That means higher insurance premiums, plus the need for netting along the boundary shared by the driving range and whatever winds up next door. Alas, David can't afford either.

So Ten Cups - where women could practice free (because, as David would say, he "loves the women" but men of a certain age were forbidden from hitting driver without first passing a driving test - has closed down.

David, however, will be pursing his passion: fun golf. More specifically, reminding recreational golfers to have fun while playing. "Recreate" is part of "recreational golfer," after all. Not too long ago, David initiated free seminars entited "Golf Is Fun." He's hoping to take this show on the road - the rubber chicken road - with corporate gigs and tournament clinics. Anyone interested in scheduling a thought-provoking - but most of all fun, and funny - golf clinic should contact David.

To do that, visit the Ten Cups website, where David will continue to post his columns about golf, and his videos.

We'll leave you, and Ten Cups, with a taste of David's approach to golf and life. It's our favorite video yet shot by David:

The Monkey Man 1000

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