Thursday, March 16, 2006

Honk If You've Seen Lucy the Goose

Corpus Christi Country Club is the place to be for well-to-do golfers in CC. Originally designed by John Bredemus (of Colonial Country Club fame), later reworked by Robert Trent Jones Sr., CCCC draws not only golfers, but also all the members of the upper-class see-and-be-seen crowd.

And the Country Club's upper crust are looking for their goose.

An ill-tempered goose named Lucy has lived on the course since 1964, near the 17th tee. She was known for charging players who hadn't been kind enough to bring food for her. Now Lucy is missing - she hasn't been seen in two weeks.

When last seen, Lucy was being herded into a facility garage by former PGA Tour player Phil Blackmar, whose wife, Carole, is the golf coach at Texas A&M-Corpus Christi. A&M-CC was hosting a collegiate tournament at the course, and Lucy had been bothering the visiting players.

Now she's gone.

Reports the Corpus Christi Caller-Times:

About two weeks ago, during the Islanders' women's annual NCAA golf tournament, competitors didn't have corn. So to ease the fear of some, who cowered behind golf carts as Lucy honked and lunged, Islanders' coach Carole Blackmar's husband tried goose-sitting.

"I lured her to a back corner of the course and fed her some crackers," said Phil Blackmar, onetime pro golfer. "As I drove away, she followed."

Wearing gloves and a thick jacket, he carried her to a storage room. "She tore at my jacket," he said, "but I fed her once inside, and that evening after play, they let her go."

No one has seen Lucy since.

Hmmm. Could the Blackmars have been enjoying a fine pate' over the past couple weeks? Or mabye one of those cowering college kids is now sleeping peacefully on a goose-down pillow.

Don't get the idea Lucy was all bad. CCCC regulars brought their kids by to pet her, and most adored the goose.

Lucy recognized regular golfers, Harper said, and would approach them when they drove their carts near the 17th tee.

"She would peck at my golf bag knowing that's where I kept my cracked corn," he said. After getting a pat on the head and a toss of corn, she would waddle away.

Lucy also was a good watchdog, Harper said, and often protected ducklings who were nesting in high grass near her territory.

So what happened to her? She likely just flew the coop. Or, at more than 40 years of age, Lucy might finally have "gone south for the winter," if you know what I mean.

(What's up with the geese down on the Coastal Bend? There's another Caller-Times article about an elderly woman suing New Orleans Saints owner Tom Benson after she was attacked by a good that lives on land owned by Benson in Rockport. If you don't have an account at, you'll need to first visit to read these articles.)

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