Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Veterans on the Links

Here's an article about a program that teaches golf to seriously injuried veterans returning from Iraq.

The program was developed by the San Antonio Parks & Recreation Department and the Texas Amputee Golf Association. Round Rock resident Roy McCoy - who lost a leg in the Vietnam War - is the president of the TAGA.

The TAGA was formed 30 years, mostly by returning Vietnam vets. The TAGA website says, "Working with the National Amputee Golf Assn. and their First Swing clinics, we have attracted many new golfers. People who suffer from a life altering event, namely the loss of a limb, often think their lives have been changed to the point where they could no longer participate in life activities. By participating in our golf clinics and tournaments, they have found out they are able to participate, compete in and enjoy golf."

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  1. I am going to send this link and the other one to several places. I think what they are doing is wonderful.


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