Wednesday, April 26, 2006

America's Golfer?

Payne Stewart once had an endorsement deal with the NFL. He wore team colors and, if memory serves, sometimes a team logo based on where PGA Tour events were held. For example, for the Western Open near Chicago he'd wear Chicago Bears colors.

Now we have a golfer with an endorsement deal from an individual team. The golfer is Ryan Palmer and the team is the Dallas Cowboys.

Palmer, an Amarillo native, has signed a deal to make personal appearances on behalf of the Cowboys. He'll wear the Blue Star logo on his shirt for all tournaments in Texas, and will also carry the name of Cowboys Golf Club on his bag for those events (Cowboys Golf Club is owned largely by Jerry Jones).


  1. Anonymous1:39 PM

    Ben Curtis currently has an endorsement deal with the NFL that is similar to what Payne did (wearing colors/logo of teams near the current tour stop).

  2. Anonymous3:32 PM

    Dallas Stars and Texas Ranger owner, Tom Hicks, has done a similar deal with one of the ladies from the LPGA. I read the article in the Dallas Morning-News about a week ago I believe


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