Thursday, April 27, 2006

More Sports Sponsorships

Responding to my post a couple places below about Ryan Palmer's sponsorship deal with the Dallas Cowboys, a couple commenters pointed out similar deals. First, one reminded me that Ben Curtis currently has a similar deal to the one Payne Stewart had with the NFL, wearing team colors depending on the market.

The second pointed out that LPGA golfer Candie Kung has a deal with Tom Hicks, owner of the Dallas Stars and Texas Rangers. That deal is detailed in an interesting column in the Dallas Morning News (you might need to visit to get login info).

Kung was born in Taiwan, grew up in California, attended the University of Southern California, and now lives in Frisco. Her instructor also helps Hicks with his game, and introduced Kung and Hicks. Kung attended a few Stars and Rangers game and struck up a friendship with Hicks.

Her instructor, Adam Schriber, also works with Hicks. Kung met Hicks at a Stars game, got hooked on hockey and became friends with the powerful Dallas businessman after trading e-mails. She learned to carve Halloween pumpkins at
the Hicks household.

Soon, Kung - a multiple winner on the LPGA - and Hicks had formed a business arrangement, and the sponsorship deal grew out of that. Sponsorship deals of this sort are rare on the LPGA Tour, so bully for Kung.

Kung will display Stars logos on her shirts and bag during the NHL season. When hockey season ends, she'll switch to Rangers logos.

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