Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Cano's Season in Jeopardy

A few months back we posted about the travails experienced by many young, unproven golfers who struggle to find sponsors and make cuts. San Antonio golfer Christi Cano had just qualified for the LPGA Tour was in that boat, and we used her as an example. At the time, she was trying to find enough money for the week-to-week travels to and from tournaments.

Cano hasn't had a very good time of it in 2006, making just one cut. Last week, she went 80-85 and finished dead last at the Sybase Classic.

Today, she revealed that she's been suffering all season from a hand injury she originally incurred during the LPGA Q-School and which prevents her from practicing ... at all. Cano told the San Antonio Express-News she'll likely seek a medical exemption for 2006 with the hope of being healthy for 2007.

What is it with San Antonio golfers and medical exemptions? Jimmy Walker led the Nationwide Tour in earnings in 2004, winning his way onto the PGA Tour. But he hurt his neck in his first tournament of 2005 and is playing this year through the medical exemption he applied for last year.

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